In His Image Part 2: Gospel-Centered Singleness, Dating, and Marriage

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This blog post was adapted from a sermon that I gave at the Harvard Avenue Student Ministry youth group on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. It is the second of a two-message series about a Gospel-defined view of gender and relationships. To read part 1, click here.

The way that we interact with our brothers and sisters in Christ is a testimony to a life transformed by the gospel. The distinctions in our relationships flow from a desire to serve the needs of others and encourage them as they become more like Jesus. As God’s image-bearers , men and women have been created with unique roles that reflect the relationship between Jesus and his bride, the Church. The way we think about manhood and womanhood, singleness, dating, and marriage are rooted in true understanding of the very nature of God.                 Read more of this post

Don’t Waste Your Singleness

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Today is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate the powerful emotion called love. People spend over $14 billion each year to celebrate the holiday with that “special someone” by making dinner, writing poems, sending cards, dressing up, calling loved ones, and buying flowers, chocolate, or overstuffed animals.

But what about those of us who are single? Should Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day as some jokingly call it) be a sad, depressing, or anxious day? Not at all! In fact, it’s a unique and exciting stage in your life. Many single people waste their singleness moping around, worrying about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend, or trying to impress those around them. Rarely do people define themselves by their singleness. It’s odd that our culture seems to place marital statuses into a hierarchy that places marriage as higher up than singleness. In contrast, singleness has its perks like flexibility, fewer financial commitments, & spontaneity.

Here are several ways you can avoid wasting your singleness:         Read more of this post

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