There’s Something About Superheroes


I just got done watching X-Men: First Class with my brother. Though I am a big superhero fan, I have never seen any of the X-Men movies, so I decided this would be an appropriate one to start with. Let me just say that after seeing First Class, I want to see all of the other X-Men movies now.

As I was driving from the theater to the Fort Smith Public Library to get some work done for Agricultural Food Systems, it hit me: there’s something about superheroes that people relate to. When I leave a well-made superhero movie (Spiderman 3 & Thor don’t count here…), something inside me wants to be that superhero (So, if you see me walking out of Batman, clear the road because my Dodge Avenger is now the Batmobile). What’s great about superheroes is that they notice that the world is that it is not the way it’s supposed to be, but rather than sit idly by and watch, they take it upon themselves to change things knowing that if they fail, many in the world will suffer (This is one of the reasons I did not like Thor; if he failed, the only people in trouble was that little town in the middle-of-nowhere). In order to save humanity, superheroes outfit themselves with costumes worth of a GQ cover and with the latest gadgets that will be coming to a Best Buy near you… in several decades.

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