You. The Brand.


Taco Bell. Jeep. Walmart. Apple. Dell.

What do all of those names have in common? They are all brands (and well-known ones at that). Each of these companies have built a strong and unique brand image through their products, services, advertisements, social media presence, and other communications with the public.

Did you know that you are brand too? Whether you know it or not, the way that you interact with others is similar to how companies express themselves. Your statuses on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, videos on YouTube, and posts on your blog provide potential friends and employers a wealth of information about you, without them ever having to meet you. Once they do meet you, you can refer them to your personal sites so that they can learn more about you and your passions, skills, and abilities.

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White as Snow

I currently live in Siloam Springs, Arkansas (or Antarkansas as I like to call it right now). Arkansas is in the South. The South does not typically get snow, not to mention about seven and a half inches of snow (with more coming down as I write this). This is what it looks like outside right now:

Whenever it snows like this, it reminds me of Isaiah 1:18-20 (ESV, emphasis added):

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