Winning at All Costs



UPDATE: Bobby Petrino was fired today (April 10) by the U of A after it was revealed he paid the 25- year old assistant $20,000 in addition to apparently taking advantage of his position and placing himself above the program. I definitely think the University made the right decision and I’m proud of the way Jeff Long handled it. Here’s the video of the press conference & Petrino’s statement.

I normally don’t write blog posts about current events, but two recent stories in the world of college football have caught my attention. Both situations involve a scandal of some sort that was covered up by a head football coach who eventually got caught. The first coach was Joe Paterno of Penn State University; the second being Bobby Petrino from the University of Arkansas. Being a Razorback fan, the Petrino story hits closer to home, but both stories make a similar point.

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Sometimes 140 Characters Isn’t Enough

How to optimize your blog post

140 characters? Only 140 characters? As someone who has been using Twitter for about a year, sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough.

It has always helped me to write things down as I think about them (Obviously, this can’t be done adequately with the 140 characters provided by Twitter and is a little awkward to do on Facebook ). There is just something about seeing the written or typed words that allows me to make sense of my thoughts. While 140 characters allows for short personal expressions, rarely do they capture the depth of what went into their formation. My purpose in writing this blog is to expand on the things that I post on my Twitter account or think about on a daily basis. I entitled the blog “A Little Bit of Everything” because I will be writing posts about topics such as theology, business (including social media), outdoors, sports, and life in general. Most personal blogs focus on one or two topics. That’s fine, but I feel like this doesn’t reflect the complexity of each individual. Each person is a combination of many likes, interests, and passions. This blog will cover some areas of life that I enjoy keeping up with, so I hope that what I share connects with you on some level and makes you think more about the topic. Maybe some of the posts will even lead to some good discussions. Either way, I hope you enjoy this blog as I expand beyond 140 characters into a more expansive format of expression.

So, buckle up, settle in, and let’s go on this ride together.

Learn It. Love it. Live It.

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