Four Ways Twitter Can Improve


I like Twitter. A lot. It has become my favorite social network to interact with people, share my thoughts, stay up-to-date on news, and stay entertained.

However, Twitter has some catching up to do. With Facebook announcing its new Timeline feature (as well as emphasizing Lists again) and Google+ going public, it is time for Twitter to consider some minor changes that will greatly improve the experience of its users. The social media site, which has faced periodical criticism for seeming lack of long-term vision, has over 200 million users and is handling approximately 200 million tweets per day. The company underwent one major site design overhaul referred to as “New Twitter” that began rolling out to users in October 2010.

Here are just a few changes that I think Twitter should make in order to enhance the user experience and stay competitive (feel free to add your own in the “Comments” below):  Read more of this post

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