“Who Do You Say That I Am?”

Palm Sunday 2007

Today Christians around the world celebrate Palm Sunday, kicking off what is known as Holy Week. The week begins with the commemoration of Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem on a donkey with crowds waving palm branches, laying down their coats, and shouting “Hosanna!” (Matt 21:9). Other days during Holy Week have significant meanings: Maundy Thursday celebrates the Last Supper, Good Friday reflects on the trial and death of Jesus on the cross at Calvary, and Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

One of the sobering things about Holy Week is the attitude of the crowds toward Jesus. As you read from Matthew 21 to Matthew 28, the crowds of people go from enthusiastically chanting “Hosanna!” to angrily yelling “Crucify Him!”  What caused this sudden change?

A Grand Entrance

Imagine the scene recounted in Matthew 21:1-11. The city of Jerusalem is a bustle of energy as Jews from all over the Mediterranean area are in town for the upcoming Passover celebration. The sound of animals can be heard all over the city as traders bring their livestock to sell in order to be sacrificed as an offering to the Lord. Vendors are crowd the streets selling their goods to all the visitors to the city. Priests and religious leaders are hustling around getting the Temple ready for the big day. Read more of this post

The Word Became Flesh: A Christmas Miracle

manger and cross

Christmas time is here! Kids are foaming at the mouth waiting to open presents, college students are back home with their families, adults are running around making last-minute preparations, and soon Santa Claus will be coming to town.
In the coming days, the story of Jesus’ birth will be read around dinner tables, in churches, and by Linus in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. The most common account is found in the second chapter of Luke’s Gospel. Probably my favorite version of the Christmas story is found in John 1:1-18 (emphasis added): Read more of this post

Skipping Thanksgiving: The Newest Holiday Trend

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” -Anonymous

Not only are the decorations coming out earlier, Black Friday deals don’t even start the Friday after Thanksgiving anymore. Retailers, like Amazon, are starting to offer specials as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. Walmart is opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day this year to try to attract as many brick-and-mortar shoppers before the actual Black Friday event starts.

Has anybody else noticed that the Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year? I noticed that Christmas decorations started to pop up in my local Walmart in mid-October this year. Mid-October! Halloween hadn’t even happened yet…

In the midst of all the commercialized hustle-and-bustle, Americans seem to be forgetting an important holiday: Thanksgiving (you know that holiday that happens between October 31 and December 25). Read more of this post

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