Why I Don’t Talk About Politics

American Flag

Another Election Day has come and gone.

At around 11:15pm last night, everyone began to update their Facebook statuses and send out tweets expressing their feelings about the election results. Some were happy and some were disappointed. Some made it sound like the world has never been better, others made it sound like the sun wouldn’t come up today.

I choose to refrain from posting my political views on my social networks. Do I love America? You bet. Do I have my personal views of how politics should work? Yes. Do I vote? Of course. Do I educate myself on the candidates and issues? Every voter should. Do I have certain issues that I believe are important and that I am vocal about? Most definitely (though they are moral issues and not political ones).

Why do I choose not to talk about politics in public or social media settings? Here are a few reasons:  Read more of this post

Skipping Thanksgiving: The Newest Holiday Trend

Why did the turkeys cross the road?

“What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” -Anonymous

Not only are the decorations coming out earlier, Black Friday deals don’t even start the Friday after Thanksgiving anymore. Retailers, like Amazon, are starting to offer specials as early as the Monday before Thanksgiving. Walmart is opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving Day this year to try to attract as many brick-and-mortar shoppers before the actual Black Friday event starts.

Has anybody else noticed that the Christmas season seems to start earlier and earlier each year? I noticed that Christmas decorations started to pop up in my local Walmart in mid-October this year. Mid-October! Halloween hadn’t even happened yet…

In the midst of all the commercialized hustle-and-bustle, Americans seem to be forgetting an important holiday: Thanksgiving (you know that holiday that happens between October 31 and December 25). Read more of this post

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