Learn It. Love It. Live It. [Post #100]


I was recently asked about my blogging philosophy: “Why write (and tweet) about three different, and seemingly unrelated, subjects (business, ideas, and theology) on one blog?”  Well, the first reason is practical: I don’t have time to maintain three different blogs. Another minor reason is because I find blogging to be therapeutic and a great outlet for me to share my thoughts about the world I live in.

However, the primary reason that I blog about a variety of things is because it is an accurate representation of reality. Like most people, my life isn’t siloed into different interest areas. Each of the things I’m passionate about interacts with the others and affects what opportunities I pursue with my time and energy.

The same is true for each of us. We all have different things we are passionate about that combine together and express themselves in the way we live our lives. That’s why I end each post with the tagline “Learn It. Love It. Live It.” These three phrases sum up how we discover our passions and make them a part of our daily life.  Read more of this post


Maximizing Your “Return on Time”

 Ready steady... Go  - Day 86 of Project 365

Time is the most precious resource available. It is not renewable, transferable, or savable.  The time you spend reading this blog post isn’t refundable. Following the basic economic principles of supply and demand, since time is such a limited resource, it is extremely valuable.

Just like an investor examines the return on investment for different financial options (stocks, bonds, real estate, startup companies), you and I must evaluate the “return on time” for the activities in our lives. However, there is one big difference between money and time. As one person put it, “Money, I can only gain or lose. But time I can only lose. So, I must spend it carefully.” If we are a good steward of our time, then we will invest it in the activities that we deem to have the highest potential return on time.  That’s where priorities come in.  Read more of this post

Social Media and the News

Taking a Picture in Zurich

A New Era in Journalism

A wave has been building in the ocean of journalism over the past few years and last week it crashed upon the shores of the American media in full force. This wave has altered the way that news is broken, covered, reported, and consumed by the general public. It has also given ordinary citizens the ability to report stories as they unfold and beat the mainstream media to the punch.

This wave is social media and it has gradually been changing the field of journalism. While it has been looked to for breaking news in the past few years, the events at the Boston Marathon and especially the Watertown manhunt brought social media to the forefront. In this new era of news reporting Twitter and YouTube have become the instant news service, Reddit has become the new investigative service, and anyone with a smartphone can be a reporter. Read more of this post

The Tale of Two Dorm Rooms: The Lack of Authenticity in America

Building out of the norm....

During my senior year of high school, I visited several colleges and universities across the country during my “college search.” At each one, I met with admissions counselors, sat in on classes, and took campus tours. Many of the campus tours included visiting (or staying the night in) a dorm room.

On one particular college visit, the other prospective students and I on the campus tour were taken not into an actual dorm room dwelt in by actual students, but into a “model dorm room.” This room (much like the one pictured above) was setup to look like an actual dorm room: not only did it have desks, chairs, beds, etc; it also had a wall posters, tshirts hanging in the closet, toiletries on the counter, and even an open textbook with notes written in a notebook. Basically, it was setup to look like students lived there, but no one actually did. It was all staged.  Read more of this post

Innovate or Die


“America demands invention and innovation to succeed.” -Kit Bond

Blockbuster. Research in Motion (Blackberry). Borders. AOL. Palm.

What do these companies have in common? They used to be on the leaders in their respective industries, but are now either bankrupt or on the way out. The cause of their slow slides into irrelevancy is their failure to innovate after they hit it big. Their stagnation prevented them from adapting to meet the changing demands of their clientele, provoking their customers to leave them for their more agile competitors. Companies that fail to innovate should rightly be allowed to go out of business.  Read more of this post

Why I Don’t Talk About Politics

American Flag

Another Election Day has come and gone.

At around 11:15pm last night, everyone began to update their Facebook statuses and send out tweets expressing their feelings about the election results. Some were happy and some were disappointed. Some made it sound like the world has never been better, others made it sound like the sun wouldn’t come up today.

I choose to refrain from posting my political views on my social networks. Do I love America? You bet. Do I have my personal views of how politics should work? Yes. Do I vote? Of course. Do I educate myself on the candidates and issues? Every voter should. Do I have certain issues that I believe are important and that I am vocal about? Most definitely (though they are moral issues and not political ones).

Why do I choose not to talk about politics in public or social media settings? Here are a few reasons:  Read more of this post

Make it Happen!

Have you ever seen a product and thought to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?!”

This happens to me on a pretty regular basis. I’ll be watching Shark Tank or browsing Amazon and I’ll see a great innovation that fills an obvious need (and is usually shockingly simple) and ask myself that very question: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Along the same line of thought, two of the founders of Field Agent recently spoke to the participants of the ARK Challenge startup accelerator that Agricultural Food Systems was recently accepted into. One of the things that they pointed out was at the end of the day, no one wants to look back and see someone else commercialize an idea that they originally had and have to say “I had that idea” without ever taking action on it. Their advice to entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and innovators: “Make it happen!”  Read more of this post

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