Mobilizing God’s Army for the Great Commission

This is the tenth post with my sermon notes from the Cross Conference (CrossCon) that was held from December 27-30, 2013, in Louisville, KY. To see my other sermon notes from CrossCon, click here

Speaker: David Platt                                    Key text: Romans 15:18-21

The picture of missions in the New Testament: some stay and build up existing churches, others go and plant new churches. The ultimate issue isn’t whether we stay or go, but whether we are obedient.

What if God has designed the globalization of today’s workforce for the spread of the gospel to the unreached people of the world?

[Platt goes on to quote Romans 1-8 from memory. Pretty incredible, so go check it out on the video below.]

Romans shows us that the gospel is good and that it is so good it is worth eternal damnation for yourself so that others might have it. If you behold the beauty of Romans 1-8, you bear the burden of Romans 9. 

3 Truths to Remember When on Mission for the Gospel

  1. Remember how you were saved by the gospel
  2. Realize you have been sent by God for His glory and your joy- Saved people on this side of heaven owe the gospel to lost people on this side of hell. The glory of God is at stake in the salvation of His people. The same sovereign God who sends is sovereign over the people and places you will go to.
  3. Rest completely secure in the Great Commission- If you can trust God to save you for eternity, then you can trust God to satisfy you on the earth and lead you for a lifetime. The Great Commission is going to happen, so let’s get busy and be a part of it.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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