The Call of Christ: Inspired, Informed, Confirmed

This is the sixth post with my sermon notes from the Cross Conference (CrossCon) that was held from December 27-30, 2013, in Louisville, KY. To see my other sermon notes from CrossCon, click here

Speaker: Mack Stiles                                    Key text: 2 Corinthians 5:10-21

All Christians are called to missions, but not all Christians are missionaries. Missionaries are people who take the gospel into a culture and make disciples there as their vocation. Being a missionary isn’t a “higher calling”. A calling isn’t what we do for God, but is a call to God. Missions is simply another part of the Christian life. Our calling in Christ is this: to make disciples and to be holy. Our calling is to demonstrate how foolish we are in order to make God look great (1 Corinithians 1:26-29). A calling must be inspired by God’s Word. 

4 Inspirations for Missions

  1. Judgement
  2. Compassion- If you don’t care for the lost, you have a defective view of hell.
  3. Reconciliation- A missionary must be motivated by the truth that the salvation message is for all people.
  4. Serving Others

Often we talk about waiting for the right “feeling” to confirm our calling from God. This isn’t biblical. In the Bible, feeling and call are never linked. Strong feelings don’t make a call. Human emotions are too easily confused. A calling must be informed by the gospel. It is not the gospel to merely attend to the physical needs of people. That is good work, but not mission work. The gospel does the best long-term good for any person. Too much of missions is informed by the world and not the Word. Change will never come unless the gospel is preached with words.

A calling must be confirmed by the local church. If you want to be a missionary, be an active part of a local church that disciples and empowers you and that you want to replicate elsewhere. The best way to demonstrate your love for the church is to join a local church. You must have a thorough understanding of the purpose and mission of the church. Good ecclesiology leads to vibrant missiology.

A calling must be inspired by God’s Word, informed by the gospel, and confirmed by the local church.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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