Stop Making Stupid Famous


People are capable of doing some really stupid things. Most individuals do these things unintentionally, but there are some (particularly celebrities) who take calculated steps to push the envelope of normalcy in order to get publicity and attention. They have one goal (to become famous) and will take whatever path they need to in order to achieve this objective. Unfortunately, this strategy not only works, but can garner more media and social media attention than creating high quality work. Not only does this lead to a bunch of crazy, overpaid, untalented, and immature celebrities, but their stupidity overshadows the abilities of those who are genuinely talented.

Fighting Stupidity with Capitalism

Fortunately in a capitalistic America, ordinary citizens like you and I can rally together to prevent this from happening. Here are a few things you can do to stop making stupid famous: 

  • Stop making stupid famous with your money
    This is basic economics: by buying a song, paying to see a movie, etc, you are essentially saying “With my dollar, I vote to support this individual and their product.” By allowing your money to do the talking, you can prevent these individuals from getting the market signals that people are supporting their stupidity. Instead, support individuals who create high-quality work and have actual talent.
  • Stop making stupid famous with your media consumption
    Social media makes it easier than ever to quantify the popularity of our actions by tracking likes, retweets, views, comments, +1s, etc. Even though we may find something to be stupid, we may unwittingly contribute to the individual’s goal of fame by watching a YouTube video, tweeting about them , or reading and sharing an article about them. Don’t give these individuals the attention they want. Increasing the popularity of their content signals to the individual that what he/she did is popular (even if it gets overwhelming negative reviews) and tells the websites/news services/etc that cover current events that content related to this individual is popular and will allow them to sell ads on their site/network/newspaper/etc.
  • Stop making stupid famous with your mouth
    In the offline world, don’t talk about the stupidity of others. Every time you ask a friend “Did you see what so-and-so did?” you are not only spreading their “fame” but also encouraging someone else to research the action if they haven’t yet, further contributing to Point #2 (and perhaps Point #1 as well). It is human nature to want to talk about something shocking, especially if it is perceived it will help them fit in with their peers, but sometimes it is better to just ignore something and act like it never happened rather than to contribute to the increased popularity of something stupid.

Be a Part of the Solution

By using the principles of basic economics and capitalism, you can help to stop the popularity of stupidity. If we refuse to give these individuals our money, time, and attention, they will either have to alter the content they produce to meet the demands of the free market or find a new line of work. Additionally, let’s recognize and support those who do the right thing day in and day out, contribute to society with their talents, and produce high quality content that is genuinely enjoyable.

Join me and together we can stop making stupid famous.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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