Learn It. Love It. Live It. [Post #100]


I was recently asked about my blogging philosophy: “Why write (and tweet) about three different, and seemingly unrelated, subjects (business, ideas, and theology) on one blog?”  Well, the first reason is practical: I don’t have time to maintain three different blogs. Another minor reason is because I find blogging to be therapeutic and a great outlet for me to share my thoughts about the world I live in.

However, the primary reason that I blog about a variety of things is because it is an accurate representation of reality. Like most people, my life isn’t siloed into different interest areas. Each of the things I’m passionate about interacts with the others and affects what opportunities I pursue with my time and energy.

The same is true for each of us. We all have different things we are passionate about that combine together and express themselves in the way we live our lives. That’s why I end each post with the tagline “Learn It. Love It. Live It.” These three phrases sum up how we discover our passions and make them a part of our daily life. 

Learn It

The word “learn” can be defined as “to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study, instruction, or experience” or “to become informed of or acquainted with.” Learning about a particular area of interest is an important first step on the way to discovering and applying passions. Without a basic knowledge of something, it is difficult to love something and then live it out. One of the best ways to learn something is to completely immerse yourself in it. The example often used for this is becoming fluent in a new language, but it also applies to hobbies, relationships, and career choices (which is why internships are so important). The learning process is a lifelong process.

Love It

Once foundation of knowledge is built about a variety of potential passions, you are able to filter out which things you truly love and want to pursue. To “love” is “to need or require; benefit greatly from” and “to have a strong liking for; take great pleasure in.” Loving something moves beyond the impersonal facts to a much more personal connection. It requires more investment, but has a higher return on investment than just gathering knowledge. However, “loving it” still has a “learn it” component. Knowledge informs affection.

Live It

When you are ready to commit to something as a part of your identity you begin to live it. Your new passion guides your actions and requires your time. As a result, people around you begin to take notice and identify you by your passions. For example, if you begin to live your passion for fine and exotic coffee, people will begin to affectionately refer to you as “the coffee snob.” Of course living out your passions implies that you will continue to love them and learn about them. Your daily life then revolves around the pursuit and application of these passions for the benefit of others and the betterment of yourself.

That is why I blog about business, ideas, and theology.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.


After 100 posts, I’d like to take the opportunity to take a brief look forward and a quick look back.

Looking Forward

I’d like to feature more guest bloggers, so if you’re passionate about business, ideas, or theology like I am, contact me and let’s make it happen!

Looking Back

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Thank you for reading my blog!


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