Finding Opportunities for Fellowship [Guest Post]

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[Guest post courtesy of Jasmine Zick on behalf of Kanakuk Kamps. Scroll to the bottom to read more about Jasmine and Kanakuk.]

Commuting. Sitting through meetings. Working late hours.

The life of a young professional can be stressful to say the least. In the hustle and bustle of your average work day, you may feel like your time for worship is increasingly limited. However, fellowship is one of the most important aspects of Christianity—it strengthens faith and provides a community of believers who support each other. How do you make time for both?

Try these tips to fit fellowship into your busy schedule: 

  • Seek out worship opportunities- Check with local churches to see if they offer special classes or groups for young adults. Many of these groups meet on weeknights or weekends and focus solely on issues and stresses faced by young Christians in the working world.
  • Go online- If a physical fellowship group isn’t an option, search online for digital options. Skype and Google Hangouts can connect you to support networks nationwide or internationally. Although you may not physically spend time with members of your group, the emotional and spiritual support network will still be intact.
  • Volunteer- If regular group meetings are not an option for your schedule, seek out individual opportunities to serve your community. There are many charities and non-profits that would welcome extra help building houses, repairing equipment, or supervising youth retreats and trips. Plus, the skills you learn and experiences you enjoy as a volunteer can enrich your life year-round.

Making Time

Excelling professionally is an important aspect of leading a fulfilling life. However, gains in your work life should not be made at the expense of your spiritual well-being. If you feel work responsibilities are encroaching on your personal time, try utilizing time management techniques to maximize your time on the clock and finish tasks more efficiently.

Reaping the Benefits

As your life responsibilities pile up, you may find that the time you spend in fellowship with other Christians can have positive effects in all aspects of your life. The renewed confidence and spiritual strength gained from sharing your faith with others can renew your energy and enthusiasm for other tasks—including your job. Likewise, the time you spend discussing faith with members of your fellowship group can help encourage them to face and overcome spiritual obstacles or life problems.

When you gather in fellowship with other Christians, you will feel spiritually empowered and ready to face the world as a person of God.


Guest post courtesy of Jasmine Zick on behalf of Kanakuk Kamps. You can read about how Kanakuk has impacted my life on the Inside Kanakuk blog.

Kanakuk Kamps hosts a variety of Christian summer camps, including sports camps and outdoor adventure camps, for boys and girls ages 7-18 in Branson, Missouri. Kanakuk is dedicated to developing dynamic Christian leaders through life-changing experiences, Godly relationships, and spiritual training.

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