Will Your Gospel Transform a Terrorist?

This is the fourth post with my sermon notes from the Together for the Gospel Conference (T4G) that was held from April 10-12 in Louisville, KY. To see my other sermon notes from T4G, click here. More sermon notes to come.

Speaker: Thabiti Anyabwile                                             Key text: 1 Timothy 1:12-17 

Listen to the full sermon: Audio || Video

Does your life show evidence of confidence in the gospel? The greatest hindrance to the gospel is Christians’ lack of confidence in the power of the gospel. Christians need to cultivate confidence in the gospel.

Great Change in One Terrorist’s Life                              

The Apostle Paul went from being a terrorist towards the gospel to a missionary for it. Paul went from tearing down the Church to building it up (Acts 7, Acts 9, Acts 22, Acts 26). Often it seems people glory in their sin more than they boast in the cross. Though sin fades at salvation, it still lingers with the believer while on Earth. Don’t lose vocabulary that relates to the gospel; words are containers for truth. For example, the word “lost” isn’t used often anymore to refer to those that have not repented of sin and beleived the gospel.  Being lost is defined as a spiritual blindness that results in misplaced affections leading to eternal damnation.  The lost aren’t just wrong-headed; they’re wrong-hearted.

Great Cause of the Change

It is the gospel that radically transforms; it meets our needs. All the benefits and blessings of God are bound up in our salvation. The gospel is trustworthy. It bears the weight of our confidence and won’t bend under the weight of our worries. The gospel reaches the worst of sinners and makes them trophies of God’s glory and love.

There are nine marks of a gospel-centered ministry:

  1. Positioned around the worst of sinners
  2. Able to share the gospel clearly- Christians are called to share the gospel in full, not rehab it to hide the ‘uncomfortable’ parts
  3. Redirects fears from man to God- We are to be faithful, not fruitful
  4. Always preaches the gospel- God only has one sermon: the gospel of Jesus Christ displayed from Genesis to Revelation
  5. Takes care with new converts
  6. Studies the gospel in deeper ways; it can’t be exhausted
  7. Preaches to open spiritual eyes not transfer information
  8. Has more confidence in the gospel than in individuals
  9. Preaches in such way that faith relies on the Spirit of God

Great Celebration that Results from the Gospel

Gospel faithfulness leads to a great celebration.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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