Leaders Community Group Notes

This is the sixth post in the Passion 2012 series. These are my notes from the Leaders Community Group at the Passion Conference, led by Tim Smith, senior executive pastor at Pinelake Church.  Francis Chan and John Piper also shared with us.

Notes from Tim Smith

One of the tempting things when attending a conference like Passion is to get caught up in the names and only take the messages at face value. Too often we’re like consumers in a restaurant watching chefs cook food without consuming and digesting it so that it can benefit us. We like to be there for the show or to say we saw “so-and-so,” but don’t go over the sermon/song material on a deeper level to: 1) see how the content lines up with Scripture 2) study the truths the speaker pointed out, so that we might apply them in our own lives.    


Notes from Francis Chan

It’s hard to get excited about discipleship if you aren’t being discipled yourself. Disciples produce disciples that can disciple. Instead of equipping and encouraging believers to make disciples like we should, the Church sometimes waters down the Christian life and tries to make it easy for Christians to be lazy. The Christian life isn’t easy; it’s a journey in discipleship. Even in hard and lovely times, we need to know how to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. Our perspective determines our practice.


Notes from John Piper- “Courage in the Face of Fear”

Four Reasons Courage is Needed (2 Tim 4:1-5)

  1. Teachers that tickle ears with false doctrine
  2. People don’t endure sound doctrine
  3. Relativism is rampant
  4. Truth needs to be spoken

Main Text– Matthew 10:24-31

Five Rational Arguments to Not Be Afraid

  1. Being called a “devil” is a good thing (v. 25)
    If they call Jesus, the master of the house, Beelzebub, then being called a ‘devil’ as a believer identifies you with Him. Be encouraged that they’re calling you a devil!
  2. What’s hidden now will be made known to the whole universe one day (v. 26)
    One day those that oppose you will know the truth and you will be vindicated.
  3. You can only be killed! (v. 28)
    Your opponents can only kill your body; not your soul. If they do kill your body, then you are immediately in paradise worshiping your Creator. If they don’t, then you are still going about your Master’s business. Isn’t that a comforting thought? They can only kill you! It’s a win, win!
  4. God is paying close attention to you (v. 30)
    Speak boldly because God is giving close and intimate attention to you. God has your back and is in constant relationships with His children. Nothing will change that.
  5. God attends to His creation (v. 29; 31)
    God governs and attends to everything that happens in His creation. There aren’t any accidents when viewed from God’s perspective.

With those points in mind, you have no reason to be afraid of speaking the truth openly. Speak the truth, no matter what it costs.


Learn It. Love It. Live It.


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Lawson is an entrepreneur, ministry leader, and outdoors enthusiast who also enjoys blogging about business, ideas, and theology. Want to continue the discussion or write a guest post? Let's Connect!

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