Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ

This is the fourth post in the Passion 2012 series. These are my notes from John Pipers’s message on January 4, 2012 at the Passion Conference entitled “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ.”
Note: John Piper usually puts up the audio from his conference messages on the Desiring God website. When the audio is up, I will link to it from this post.

The Apostle Paul wanted God to be glorified in every area of his life, even in his death. Even when he was in prison, chained to a wall, he sought to glorify God through his situation. Not only did he write letters to pastors and churches to encourage them, he shared the gospel with his guards and captors; all with an attitude of joy.

God wants every believer to live a live that makes Him look glorious (1 Cor 6:19-20; Matt 5:16; Col 1: 16). Everything we do should make God look great. All things exist to put God’s infinite majesty on display.

Main Point: Seeing and savoring the supremacy of Jesus Christ frees us from the slavery of sin for the sacrifices of love. 

This statement outlines our purpose for living to the glory of God. God loves it when you see and savor Him. The root of your salvation glorifies privately; the fruit of your salvation glorifies publicly. If that is true in your life, then you’re fulfilling your life’s purpose.

The Four Parts of the Main Point:

  1. Seeing and Savoring
    Saving faith is being satisfied in all that God is in you and seeing and savoring His Supremacy (John 1:12-13John 6:35; Heb 11:6). Believing in Jesus is a soul coming to Christ for its satisfaction. You don’t come to God to give; he doesn’t need You. He is the Giver; He gets the glory.
    Coming to faith in Jesus requires a resurrection from the dead. You don’t see and savor God by nature. Blind people don’t decide to see; Jesus must open their eyes. Sick people don’t heal themselves; Christ must heal them. Bored people don’t find satisfaction in their boredom. Salvation is a gift!
    Freedom isn’t the ability to choose good or evil for ourselves. We can’t do anything to choose our own eternal destiny. God doesn’t resurrect people to a neutral position to choose/reject God for themselves. That’s not resurrection. The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, changes their hearts’ desires, open their eyes blinded by sin, and brings them completely back to life as He chooses for His glory. He makes them His own! (Romans 6)
    Freedom is being so in love with Christ that you do exactly what you want and having it align with God’s will. The more satisfied you are in God; the freer you are. There will be no struggle to obey God in heaven.
  2. The Supremacy of Jesus Christ
    Jesus is supreme in every admirable way over every single thing in existence. As Abraham Kyper put it: “There is not a square inch in the universe over which Jesus says, ‘MINE!'”
  3. Freedom from Slavery to Sin
    When you see God with the eyes of your heart; you will be forever changed (2 Cor 3:16-18). Little hearts give little lusts big power; big hearts give little lusts little power.
  4. Freed for the Sacrifices of Love
    You free others by freeing yourself (Heb 10:34). Social justice without the gospel is still injustice. You are only freeing them from physical bondage, but not offering a way out of spiritual bondage. God’s glory is the desire, not the decision, of the believer’s heart (Isa 26:8).

More sermon notes to come!

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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