Quotes from Passion 2012

This is the introductory post to the Passion 2012 series that will include quotes, sermon notes, and an overview from the 2012 Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA on January 2-5.

The 2012 Passion Conference was incredible! The four-day conference, held in the Georgia Dome, featured speakers like  Beth MooreLouie GiglioFrancis Chan, and John Piper in addition to worship led by Chris TomlinKristian StandfillCharlie Hall, and David Crowder Band. The conference was attended by 44,000 college students (and college ministry leaders) from all over the world. In addition, $3,066,670 were donated to end modern day slavery (CNN story) and 36,000 towels along with 156,000 pairs socks were donated for the homeless of Atlanta.

Passion wasn’t about the names or the numbers though, it was about uniting as believers to glorify the name of Jesus Christ. Over the next few days, I’ll post the notes that I took during the sermons. Today, I’ll start with some quotes from the speakers. I pray that they will challenge and encourage you and those you share them with.

From Louie Giglio (Sermon Notes):

  • “If the Dome doesn’t affect the dorm, then what was the point? Passion is about spreading the name of Jesus among the nations. It’s a movement, not a conference.”
  • “Christ intersects our lives at the right time in the right place.”
  • “Anything that gets between us and Jesus is leading us to death.”
  • “The enemy’s plan for us is simple: he wants to bury you.”
  • “The gospel at it’s heart is a resurrection from the dead!”
  • “Christ did everything for us in salvation because we were dead & buried in our sin.”
  • “Facebook is our dearly beloved friend as college students, but, come on, we’re moving to the future w/ Twitter!”
  • “Often when we read the words in the Bible, we forget the human hands the Holy Spirit is using to write them.”
  • “Your mission & purpose in life begin when Jesus raises you from the dead.”
  • “From the bow of brokenness, God launches the arrows of healing.”
  • “God unleashes spiritual healing from those who have been healed.”
  • “Stop praying for God’s will in your life & start praying for boldness to fearlessly proclaim the Gospel.”
  • “God doesn’t care what you do as long as you do it in the name of Jesus.”
  • “Minimize your fear by maximizing Jesus.”
  • “Chain your life, hope, and joy to the unchainable God.”
  • “The people around you need bold, fearless Christians to speak truth into their lives.”
  • Featured quote:

From Beth Moore (Message Notes):

  • “Jesus isn’t a consumable commodity; You can’t use Him up.”
  • “No matter how large the crowd, you never go unnoticed by God.”
  • “For most people, the greatest need they have is something intimately private.”
  • “We like to hide our greatest needs because we are ashamed of the implications of making our need known.”
  • “In order to be healed, we must first have the faith to acknowledge there is a problem we can’t solve on our own.”
  • Featured quote:

From Francis Chan (Sermon Notes):

  • “Too often we use the Bible to justify our own desires rather than listening to what it is really saying.”
  • “I’m not a rocket scientist, I just read my Bible over and over.”
  • “Here’s the Word of God: let me just do it.”
  • “The solution to many of the world’s problems is discipleship.”
  • “Too often we wait for someone else to take God’s Word seriously & then join in. We need to take the initiative first!”
  • Featured quote:

From John Piper (Sermon Notes):

  • “God wants us to live lives that make Him look glorious. Everything we do should make God look great.”
  • “All things exist to make God’s infinite majesty on display.”
  • “Seeing and savoring the supremacy of Jesus Christ frees us from the slavery of sin for the sacrifices of love.”
  • “Saving faith is being satisfied in all that God is in you.”
  • “Believing in Jesus is a soul coming to Christ for its satisfaction.”
  • “You don’t come to God to give; He doesn’t need You. The Giver gets the glory.”
  • “You don’t see and savor God by nature.”
  • “It is morally impossible for one who loves the darkness to walk into the light.”
  • “Freedom isn’t the ability to choose good or evil for ourselves.”
  • “Freedom is being so in love with Christ that you do exactly what you want and it aligns with God’s will.”
  • “The more satisfied you are in God; the more free you are.”
  • “Little hearts give little lusts big power. Big hearts give little lusts little power.”
  • “You free others by freeing yourself.”
  • “God’s glory is the desire, not the decision, of our hearts.”
  • Featured quote:

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Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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  1. lakesidegirl says:

    This was my favorite Beth Moore quote (she was the only one I was able to listen to..thanks again for reminding me of the livestream!): “You cannot be unclean enough to mess Jesus up.” Great sermon from Beth!

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