Money! Money. Money?

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A lot of people get excited about money. They will buy lottery cards, fill out surveys, sit in front of slot machines, work extra hard, invent new devices, write business plans, and eat bugs in order to earn some cash. As a recent college graduate, a question that I hear often is “What do you want to do now?” I recently heard another college graduate answer: “I don’t know, but I want to make a lot of money.” So, why all the fuss over money?


Money is anything circulated as a medium of exchange, though it is most often thought of as the paper money used on a daily basis. It is a necessary part of any person’s life. However, money should not be the end goal of life. Putting it at the pinnacle of one’s life attempts to make it do something it will never be able to do: give ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment.


Money may be the “root of all evil,” but only if it is misused. It is essential to put money, and the pursuit of it, in its proper place in life in order to avoid the needless sacrifice of family, friends, and time. So the next time you catch yourself chasing after money just to get more or to fill a void in your life, take a step back, and ask yourself: “Is money really what it’s all about?”

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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