Quotes from Passion 2011

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Passion Conference in Fort Worth, TX. It was a great weekend that included fantastic and challenging Biblical messages from Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, and John Piper as well as worship with Chris Tomlin, Kristian Standfill, Charlie Hall, and David Crowder Band. But, the weekend wasn’t about them, it was about lifting up the name of Jesus and discussing (both in the large group and small group sessions) what living a life with Christ at the center looks like. Over the next few days, I’ll be posting some of my notes from the messages at Passion (so subscribe to the blog in order to get notified each time), but today I wanted to share some of the quotes from the weekend that I posted on my Twitter account. I pray that they are an encouragement to you and that you will encourage and challenge others with them.

From Louie Giglio:

“God isn’t impressed with how long our prayers are; he’s impressed with faith.”
“The decisions made in college often set the trajectory for a person’s life.”
“Jesus is the only one who could stand between us & God’s wrath for sin. And He DID!”
“Not only is Jesus the greatest person who has ever lived, but He has invited us into His story to live for Him.”
“Sometimes when we read the words of the Bible, the Spirit moves, & it seems like the words are reading us.”
“There’s nothing stopping God from using your life in a way that will blow your mind.”
“Events [like Passion] are things that you go to; movements are things that keep going.”
“The same voice that spoke everything into being also speaks your name.”
“There is no other response needed when Jesus speaks our name beyond ‘Yes, Lord.'”
“When God calls us out as His chosen instruments, everything else is over.”
“Every bit of hell is against the name of Jesus.”
“Brands, groups, etc. are all counting on you to carry their names or they go out of business. Does Jesus make such a difference in our lives that His name means more than any other?”
“Whatever and wherever God is calling you to, carry the name of Jesus.”

From Francis Chan:

“Only God can open your eyes to see that to ‘live is Christ & to die is gain.'”
“Giglio, Piper & I can set you up for the truth of God’s love, but only God can open your eyes & make it real.”
“God calls us to live a life worthy of the Gospel.”
“We show up on earth for just a second in eternity and think we make the rules. God had always been. He makes the rules.”
“We affirm a gospel that says that God stood by while His perfect Son was crucified for OUR sin. That’s love! If you believe that, then live a life worthy of & matching up with that.”
“God is the one & only sovereign with any control of our lives.”
“We can’t even give ourselves life. We only breathe because God allows us to.”
“God wants us striving side-by-side with other believers for Him without fear.”

From John Piper:

“My aim is that you come to enjoy being made much of as you come to enjoy making much of God’s eternal being.”
“God has to condescend to you to reveal Himself to you. He did that in a book: the Bible.”
“What’s at the bottom (foundation) of your joys? Making much of God should be. Is it? If not, you’re an idolator.”
“To be born again is to have our root in self-exaltation severed and replaced w/ a desire for God exaltation.”
“Five of the six petitions in the Lord’s Prayer the world would NEVER pray because they don’t have the new desires a Christian has.”
“God loves us for His own name’s sake.”
“God makes much of us by making us fellow heirs with His Son who owns EVERYTHING! Texas is MINE [because I am a co-heir with Christ]!”
“Nobody will ever find complete satisfaction in the glorified self b/c we were made to find satisfaction in God’s glory.”
“God loves you so much that He won’t let your preciousness become your god.”
“Why does God reveal His love in such a way to always draw attention to Himself? Because His love for you is greater than a love with you as the endpoint. Making Himself the endpoint of your love is much greater than self.”

Are there any of these quotes that stand out to you in particular? Feel free to share and discuss in the comments.

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

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