I recently had the opportunity to run the audio/video for a funeral at Harvard Avenue Baptist Church, the church I’m a member of in Siloam Springs. This funeral was different than most that I’ve been to. Though there was definitely mourning, there was an overwhelming peace that pervaded the service and several of the family members. Everyone that I heard talking about the man who had passed away had something positive to say about him. I had only met the man once or twice, but it was great to hear all that everyone had to say about him whether it was sharing Christ with them, giving them a hug no matter who they were, or using his job and life as a constant ministry. As I sat back in the soundbooth, I began thinking to myself “How will I be remembered: as someone who lived for himself or for others; for his own glory or for the glory of God?”

This brings up the idea of ‘legacy.’ Legacy is the way that you will be remembered by those that know you or know of you. Usually when I think of someone’s legacy, I think of a famous or very important person. The reality is, however, that every single one of us leaves a legacy. Some are remembered because of their money, others because of their athletic prowess, still others for their fame, but is that the legacy that you really want to have? To clarify, I do not think it is a bad thing to have money, be an athlete, etc. as long as that is not what composes your identity. Identity should not be derived from what you have, but who you are.

I would encourage you to ask yourself the same question that I asked myself at the funeral. Then, make the best use of your time on this earth by getting out of your personal comfort zone and getting involved with the people all around you. This can be done by mentoring a young person, doing volunteer work, joining a church or organization like the Boy Scouts, or a number of other things. John Piper once put it this way: “Don’t waste your life.” This quote has developed into a movement within Christianity (website) to essentially get off the couch and live life on mission for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether you are a Christian or not, I know it can be hard to step out of your bubble and reach out to others, especially if you are introverted like me), but you never know the impact that you can have on the life of another person by doing so.

“What will be your legacy?”

Learn It. Love It. Live It.

[image credit: Pat Dalton on Flickr]


About Lawson Hembree
Lawson is an entrepreneur, ministry leader, and outdoors enthusiast who also enjoys blogging about business, ideas, and theology. Want to continue the discussion or write a guest post? Let's Connect!

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